It was established that the earth was a globe sometime in the 3rd century BC, though for the sake of accuracy it must be noted that this fact is also still debated by some who view the notion of a spherical earth as an illuminati hoax.

In less contentious circles, business and organisations around the world have embraced being global. This month we’re making it more affordable than ever for you to go global.

You have your .london web domain. For your local sites you’ve secured .sydney, taken .tokyo and bagged .berlin – but what’s the best address for your global site? Look no further than one of the hottest new domains, .global.

For the multi-national business

If you’re a global business, this is your chance for a truly multi-national domain name. .global is a clearly-defined name for brands who want to show their global presence, or promote their global services and products. Businesses and brands are encouraged to be innovative and creative; to think bigger, and to think globally – if you’re not global today, look to the future.

For everyone

global domains are descriptive and create great keyword-rich web addresses. The chance for you to completely own a category online, such as, doesn’t come along often but .global can give you that competitive advantage. Attract additional internet traffic, be SEO-strategic, invest, create campaign sites, or target a new market segment – the globe is now your oyster.

For communities

In an ever-connected world, community has never been more important. From tech user groups to social media networks, global communities comprised of multi-national audiences all have the same ambition – to be global. Give your thriving community the domain name that suits its ambitions and audience.

With .global domains on sale this month from just $19AUD, there has never been a better time for you to go global.