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Kate Furnifer​ Course Instructor

If you plan to attract organic visitors from search engines, taking care of your technical SEO is a must. Technical SEO involves boosting the technical aspects of your website to deliver quality user experience.  

Your website speed, sitemap structure, and mobile experience are a few of the technical factors you need to optimise to impress Google.  

The question now is, how do you do that?  

Join Kate Furninfer, our in-house SEO expert, as she enumerates the best Technical SEO strategies that help boost your rankings, traffic, and user experience. 

Lesson Objectives: 

  • Learn what Technical SEO is and why it’s important 
  • Gain an understanding of search crawlers  
  • Know what a sitemap is and what it does to your website 
  • Learn how optimising your images can boost page speed 
  • See how you can optimise your website for mobile users 
  • Get extra tips on how to level up your SEO 
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