Building a fully functional website is one of the most crucial yet challenging aspects businesses across industries face today. While some lack the design expertise, others don’t have the technical skills to create an aesthetically appealing, conversion-focused website to promote their business online.  

This is where our AI-powered Website Builder comes in! 

If you’re looking to create a fully functional website without investing too much time, effort, and cost, an AI-based website builder is the ideal solution to cater to your needs.  

AI technology makes it super fast and easy to generate an exceptional and high-performing website in a few steps.  

With our latest AI onboarding and AI writing features, you can generate a visually stunning website within no time. The tool eliminates the complex and lengthy process of designing websites and allows you to craft a functional, modern website in a matter of minutes. 

Read on to learn more about how our new game-changing AI features help you design professional websites in a breeze. 

Leveraging AI for the Best Site-Building Experience 

So, what’s an AI website builder? 

It’s a specialised tool or platform that uses artificial intelligence to allow users to create professional websites without having to manually work on them.  

It offers various features such as pre-made templates, drag-and-drop editors, customisation features, and more. The process involves choosing a specific template and responding to a few questions to enable the tool to create a website that meets your preferences. 

For instance, if you wish to create a portfolio website, an AI website builder will start by asking you questions, such as: 

  • What is the website about?  
  • Do you want a modern or a vintage vibe for your website?  
  • How many web pages do you want?   

Once you answer these answers, AI takes over by diving into a massive pool of design elements, user preferences, the latest web design trends, and more.  

By using this information, it will craft a tailored website for you without having to struggle with a million design choices. 

And with our newest AI features, Crazy Domains’ Website Builder allows you to do all that and more! Read on to explore our exciting new features! 

AI Builder 

AI-driven website onboarding is our latest innovation with Website Builder. This dynamic wizard is designed to simplify your journey right from concept to a fully functional website.  

Some of the key highlights of the AI Builder are: 

  • It features an intuitive onboarding assistant that streamlines the process of entire website creation. 
  • All that the users need to do is select the business category, offer a name for their website, input contact details, and specify their content preferences. 
  • The AI onboarding assistant then creates a ready-to-publish website complete with AI-generated texts, sections, and CTAs specifically tailored to the user’s choices. 

In case you’re looking for a different approach, Crazy Domains also supports the classic templates that are accessible through the UI flow.  

By offering users diverse options for website creation, you can choose the method that best suits your unique preferences and needs.  

AI Writer 

AI Writer is another powerful copywriting tool integrated into Website Builder. It helps you create new text for your website, online store, and other digital marketing needs.   

How does it work? 

AI Writer lets you write your website copy using the best AI tools for writing to make it much more engaging and persuasive for your target audience.  

Apart from creating highly engaging and informative content for your website, social media, or blog, AI Writer can also generate a range of content formats, such as pillar pages, product descriptions, reviews, and ad copy.  

To use the feature, simply enter a topic and tweak custom options, such as tone, keywords, and even language to generate unique text. You can also customise the length and language of the content according to your business needs. 

Other Website Builder Features to Make a Standout Website 

Aside from our AI-powered tools, Website Builder offers convenient tools and features to give you an easy site-building experience from start to finish: 

  • Wide array of mobile-friendly templates: Simply choose from a wide variety of professional pre-made templates that display perfectly across different devices. 
  • Drag and drop editing: Easily customise the design layout by tweaking and rearranging blocks visually. 
  • Personalisation: Customise websites for different users and audiences based on preferences and visitor data. 
  • Ecommerce platform: Get everything you need to sell online—from building your storefront, managing orders, and processing payments. 

Create Stunning Websites Effortlessly 

Crazy Domains’ AI-powered Website Builder, is an excellent tool to help you create stunning websites in as little time as possible. Driven by machine learning, it efficiently provides you with a personalised website tailored to your business’s needs—no coding or pros required! 

If you’re also looking for the best website builder for small businesses, Website Builder is worth considering. This feature-rich AI website generator comes with excellent tools, such as AI onboarding and AI writer, to help you create a responsive website that showcases your chosen design style in a matter of minutes. 

Learn more about this innovative tool or contact us for any inquiries!