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.report Domain Name Registration

.Report domain name for anyone relaying information in a relatable form

Reports are one of the oldest forms of communication. The Rosetta stone is widely considered to be a health and safety report compiled during the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza attempts to translate it entirely have been so far unsuccessful because it's just too boring to read.

Luckily, reports in the 21st century don't have to be carved into stone or even written down at all. We have reports on film and television news reports, we have newspaper reports and all the reports you could ever hope to read on the internet. If you have a report to share, get your .REPORT domain and make it your own.

  • .REPORT is the domain for you if you host written reports online.
  • .REPORT can relate to news: if you're a reporter, make sure people know you have what they need to hear.
  • .REPORT is also for reporting: if your site is for recording details of an event, REPORT tells visitors they've come to the right place.