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.partners Domain Name Registration

.Partners domain name for anyone in a business partnership

No-one wants to be alone all the time, and that's where partners can be a help. Whether it's a non-gender specific life partner or a business partner, partners mean you can share the load. Even the word has "part" in it, which probably means a partner is "part" of a larger whole.

.PARTNERS can be the name of your business, or your business can be helping people to find their partners. It could be both: you and your business partners could work together to help people find their partners.

Now even your domain name can be a partner in your business: by helping tell the world who you are.

  • .PARTNERS can be a specific home for your company's partner program.
  • .PARTNERS can be for dating agencies with a focus on commitment, not just dates.
  • .PARTNERS could be in your business' very name, leaving you no excuse not to make it your domain, too.