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.eus Domain Name Registration

.EUS domain for the official name of the Basque language

.EUS is the standard domain address for the Basque language, one of the oldest languages in the world. EUS is short for "Euskara", which is the official name of the Basque language.

With the times getting more modern and complex, regional dialects and remote cultures find it hard to hang on to their heritage. The .EUS domain name is an effective tool for developing cultural ties of the Basque language around the world.

So get your .EUS now and connect with your fellow Basques!

  • .EUS is great digital hub for Basque-language speakers worldwide, enabling them to communicate in their native tongue.
  • .EUS spreads awareness across the world of the Basque's rich dialect and culture.
  • .EUS strengthens the Basque digital community across the world and provides opportunities for marketing collaboration within the Basque region.