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What Is the Difference Between Email Exchange and Email Hosting

Both our Email Hosting and Email Exchange products allow you to create a professional Email Address, like [email protected] - to build trust and credibility when communicating to your clients, partners, and vendors and establish your business’ brand online.

But what separates Email Exchange from Email Hosting? First, let’s have a look at the latter.


What Is Email Hosting?

In Email Hosting, a server space is rented to store your emails and files within your network. You can get access to your emails through webmail and other web-based email services through your browser, or set it up on your favourite email clients such as Outlook - on your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

With the regular Email Hosting, you are able to set up your emails as POP3 and IMAP to retrieve emails:

  • POP3 downloads all incoming emails from a server and saves it locally – without synchronising data.
  • IMAP saves a copy of all sent and received emails and synchronises data across all devices - which makes it the popular choice.

What Is Email Exchange?

Email Exchange is a more secure type of Email Hosting developed by Microsoft. It’s more flexible in handling the complexity of business communication and data availability - giving you access to Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks all across your devices.

With Email Exchange, emails can also be configured as POP3 and IMAP, plus a third setup option that is Exchange - which provides the most seamless experience to users anywhere, anytime. Setting up emails as Exchange lets you:

  • Manage Company Activities
    You can create as many Calendars as you need to easily manage activities for different purposes.
  • Set Company Appointments and Meetings
    You can create Appointments and Meetings and immediately send invites to relevant people.
  • Share Your Calendar of Activities
    You get a quick view of all the activities when you click Calendar, plus the option to easily Share it with anyone.
  • Manage Contacts and Groups
    Add and manage your Contacts - all in one place. Create Groups for the different teams in your company for easy email blasts and announcements.
  • Never Forget Key People
    Create Business Cards for key people so you’ll never forget who they are and which team or company they’re associated with.
  • Create and Manage Tasks
    Yes, it’s a task management tool, too. Create Tasks and manage your To-Do List
  • Save Quick Notes
    Your Notes are of no use if you can’t easily access them. Email Exchange allows you to save those creative ideas so you can access them anywhere, anytime.

In conclusion, Email Exchange is not just an email service but also a powerful business tool for communication, planning, and organisation. For more information about Email Exchange, click here!

Congratulations! You just learned the difference between Email Hosting and Email Exchange.

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