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What Is an IPS Tag

IPS tag stands for Internet Provider Security. This label was implemented by Nominet - the official domain registry of the United Kingdom - to exclusively identify the different registrars allowed to register .UK domains and keep track of all .UK domain registrations and transfers.

Each authorised registrar is assigned a unique IPS tag. For example, Crazy DomainsIPS tag is "DREAMSCAPE".

Note: The term "IPS tag" is now deemed obsolete by Nominet UK and has been renamed to "Registrar Tag".

Transferring a .UK Domain

When you want to change the registrar who manages your .UK domain, you need to replace the IPS tag of your current registrar with the IPS tag of your new registrar.

If you want to transfer your .UK domain to Crazy Domains, refer to the guide below:

For any other concerns regarding .UK domain transfers, contact our 24/7 Customer Support.

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