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Can I Manage the A and MX Records of My Domain

An A Record (Address Record) points a domain or subdomain to an IP address/Server so that when you type your domain or subdomain in the address bar, the browser knows where to go.

On the other hand, an MX Record (Mail eXchange Record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) that defines how emails will be delivered to your domain. So when your MX Record is incorrect, you will not be able to receive emails.

When it comes to managing your domain’s A and MX RecordsYES, all domain names registered with Crazy Domains come with free DNS hosting services, allowing you to manage and update the A and MX Records of your domain.

You can manage the A Record and MX Records within your Account Manager. Click the links below and follow the separate guide articles for each type of Record:

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